It’s Science you know

I have an Arts degree from university, but have always been interested in science and technology.

Do you follow my daily Tech Universe column? If you’re reading this blog post it’s sure to interest you.

The last time I formally learned any science was at high school about 40 years ago. That means I’ve either forgotten most of what I learned or it’s well out of date anyway.

Now though I get my science fix in many ways, such as with this and other videos from @minutephysics — Where is the True North Pole?

In the podcast realm, I never miss an episode of the Canadian Quirks & Quarks whose topics are diverse and various and always interesting.

One slightly unexpected source of interesting science stuff is io9, with items on physics, biotechnology, space, zoology, chemistry and all kinds of things. That site also has the added bonus of publishing interesting items about the kinds of TV shows I may be interest in, such as scifi and the like.

But back to videos, with the surprisingly interesting Periodic Table of Videos, such as this one about Platinum:

And for a side-trip into Maths (or Math, if you prefer), there’s Numberphile, which is usually about numbers, but I specially like this video, Is it Math or Maths?:

Where do you get your sciencey learning from?