5 text tips to help your website win more business

Walls of text are bad.

Walls of text scare readers away.

Would you put a wall behind the front door of your business so your customers can’t get in? That’s what a lot of business owners accidentally do on their website.

Break down the wall

You see, when a potential customer visits a web page they’re easily put off by a wall of text. That’s when the page has lots of long paragraphs, so the whole page looks grey. Your potential customer sees that big block of grey and clicks away to your competitor’s website.

Use headlines to make points

One of the best ways to get your customer’s attention is to break up those walls of text with headlines that get your key messages across: We fix your plumbing fast, or High quality work is our top priority, or Friendly service with a smile.

  • When we visit websites we skim and skip.
  • Our eyes bounce down headlines.
  • Then one grabs our attention.
  • Finally we read the text below it.

Use short lists instead of long paragraphs

Want to talk about all the services you offer, or all the itemised details of how you go about your work? Don’t write a long paragraph. Instead put them in a list that goes down the page.

It’s a bit like using headlines. Those list items are easy to skim. They draw our eyes. But don’t make the lists too long: keep them to half a dozen items.

Structured text.

Structured text.

Readers like a bit of space

Headlines and lists help take some of the grey off the page by leaving a bit of white space. Readers like that space as they feel they can relax. Another way to increase the space is to make sure sentences and paragraphs aren’t too long. Don’t try to write your website in official language, instead write what you would say to customers.

Use meaningful pictures

Include photos of your work, your premises, your staff, your products. They add interest and help show what you do, rather than just talking about it.

5 tips to win customers

Try these 5 tips above on your website: break down the walls of text, add white space, headlines, lists and some useful photos. Once potential customers have made it through the door then you can win their business.

Note: I wrote this brief article as a sample for someone. I figured I might as well publish it myself.