Recharging your iPhone is simple with Magicstick

Recently on a whim I bought a couple of Magicsticks by Powerocks. I kept one for myself and gave one to my partner.

The Magicstick is an extended battery charger that can power up an iPhone, Kindle or other device. The ones I bought are 2800 mAh and can fully recharge an iPhone twice. They’re about the same size as a large chapstick.

They don’t have enough oomph though to charge an iPad. A compatibility chart gives good detail about what they can and can’t charge.

Magicsticks by Powerocks.

Magicsticks by Powerocks.

How it works is that you charge up the Magicstick with the supplied micro USB cable attached to an iPhone charger. That happens quite quickly. Then when your phone or other device is running out of juice you run an iPhone charger cable from the Magicstick to the device which charges quickly in turn. That means you could even put the Magicstick in a pocket and run a charging cable to the iPhone also in your pocket.


  • Portable and convenient to carry.
  • Wide array of stylish colors and sleek designs.
  • Aluminum housing for durability and safety.
  • Engineered with smart chip technology to prevent damage to devices.
  • Crafted under Apple MFi licenses and guidelines.
  • Meets CE ISO9001, ISO14001, and ROHS standards.

I haven’t had a lot of reasons to use mine yet, but it’s performed superbly when I have used it. The first time I thought the USB cable was going to be forever stuck in the Magicstick’s port, but once I’d managed to remove it I haven’t had the same problem again.

While I haven’t used my Magicstick much yet, my partner has found hers invaluable. Recently she had a particularly busy time at work, with days jammed with meetings. Her iPhone was in constant use and opportunities to plug the phone into the wall or a computer for charging were few and far between.

She found the Magicstick the perfect solution. She could charge it overnight and then take it in her bag to meetings. When her phone’s battery ran low she’d plug it in to the Magicstick for a charge. She’s thrilled with the gift.

Overall impression: just buy one

If you find your iPhone running low in a busy day, or perhaps you’re planning to travel, as I was when I bought mine, then having a Magicstick in your bag can make all the difference. It allows you to separate the act of charging your phone from attaching it to a wall jack or large computer.

I bought mine in New Zealand from MindKits for a very reasonable NZ $39.94 including GST. The US price is US$29.99 direct from Powerocks.

Our Magicsticks came with an iPhone USB charger cable, but with the older connector that doesn’t work with my iPhone 5. I can just use the charger cable that came with the phone though.

The device also comes with a small micro USB cable for charging it and a little white drawstring bag to keep everything together. According to my kitchen scales the Magicstick alone weighs 75 grams (a bit less than 3 ounces).

If you ever find your phone’s battery running low and it’s inconvenient to plug it into the wall or a computer for charging then the Magicstick is a great accessory. I can also confirm it makes an excellent gift.