So many clicks have become just one with Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro transforms a routine task I do many times each week, tweaking the clipboard and pasting the clipboard into 3 different apps. Here’s how it works, taking advantage of some of the fabulous new features of version 7.0.

Is that email phishing? How to check in Gmail

How to do some of your own detective work if you receive a suspicious email in Gmail by Shwoing the Original and looking closely.

Backing Up Your Mac — book review

This is another clear, usable book by one of my favourite tech authors. If you treasure the stuff on your Mac you’d do well to work though this book and get yourself well set up before the worst happens.

My Mac speaks Spanish perfectly, hooray!

A simple tweak made my Mac read me Spanish language text with perfect Spanish pronunciation.

A fur seal surprise

The dogs and I were surprised today when we came upon a fur seal hidden in the crook of a driftwood log on an otherwise empty beach.

How many days are left?

I wanted to keep track of how many days there are left until a date I chose. Here’s how I used Keyboard Maestro to do it.