My Mac speaks Spanish perfectly, hooray!


A simple tweak made my Mac read me Spanish language text with perfect Spanish pronunciation.

A fur seal surprise

Fur seal relaxing on driftwood.

The dogs and I were surprised today when we came upon a fur seal hidden in the crook of a driftwood log on an otherwise empty beach.

How many days are left?


I wanted to keep track of how many days there are left until a date I chose. Here’s how I used Keyboard Maestro to do it.

A slight brush with the law


Taking photos in a public place earned me a brief chat with a police officer.

Set and forget: the iPad Restrictions PIN


After much hair pulling I was able to retrieve my iPad’s Restrictions PIN: a code I’d set and promptly forgotten.

TheNext40 — a great motivator

Mum and me, 1955ish.

Rather than a major birthday marking the end of something, for me it’s marked the start. I’ve made myself a hashtag which is proving quite motivational.