Just when did oranges lose their pips?


I’m sure when I was young oranges had (annoying) pips. Now they never have them. When was it they disappeared?

Wind, wind and more wind


Spring in Wellington brings us horrible weather. Let’s get on to summer already!

The Tom Bihn Citizen Canine bag — a treat for dog owners


If you have, or walk, a dog the Tom Bihn Citizen Canine bag is a very handy accessory.

A better Barbie book


A book published in 2013 reveals terrible attitudes about women in computing. Luckily, the Internet put it right.

Siem Reap: plenty of tasty food at a good price


Cambodian food in Dixon Street: the Siem Reap restaurant is worth your time and money.

Walking to the reward


75 minutes is a long time to walk on a treadmill. A good book and the promise of a reward helped me along today.