The cabin in the dunes


We rented a tiny cabin to stay in while our holiday bach was being built. The cabin was perfect for our needs.

I didn’t really walk from Wellington to Cape Reinga

From Wellington to Cape Reinga in New Zealand is a bit more than 1000 Km by road.

Breeze, an app on my iPhone that tracks my steps, tells me I’ve walked more than a million steps in the last 5 months. That would have taken me the length of the North Island of New Zealand.

Build relationships with authentic blogging


Blogging: does it make you think of audience and followers, search engine bait and generating income? Or does it make you consider authenticity, relationships, community?

5 text tips to help your website win more business

Structured text

Does your website frighten away your potential customers? These 5 tips to tidy your text will win them back.

In love in space


A charming animated video with no dialogue, set in space, about love and war.

Recharging your iPhone is simple with Magicstick


The Magicstick iPhone and Kindle charger by Powerocks is an extremely handy gadget to keep in your bag. It weighs only a few grams, is reasonable inexpensive and can recharge your iPhone twice before it has to be recharged itself.