The forbidden bike


An 11 year old girl in Saudi Arabia wants a bicycle. But that’s not a simple desire as girls just don’t have the kind of freedom that lets them ride a bike. The movie Wadjda tells us of one girl who wasn’t going to let that stop her. It’s absolutely worth watching.

Living, with wolves


Every living thing plays a part in keeping our world alive, as these two brief videos highlight.

At the beach or in space – to escape is a pleasure


Really good books can be hard to find, especially when you have quite narrow tastes in reading, as I do. Here are some authors I’ve enjoyed and recommend.

How to use binoculars and telescopes correctly


Maybe you think, as I did, that all you have to do
to look through binoculars or a telescope is to put your eye to the
eyepiece. These practical tips may open up a whole new view.

Convert measurements quickly with Google or Keyboard Maestro


When I write Tech Universe I’m always having to
convert imperial measures to metric. Here are a few quick ways to
do that.

The bag of shame

The bag of shame.

Why can’t people keep straight which recycling week is which? It’s quite easy really. I hang my head.