Tessa Copland:

I recently converted to Mac and was very pleased to find your site. I have lots of questions and feel guilty emailing my son! I just wanted to say that I started reading your tips and was struck by how readable and non-geeky they are. Then I saw your name and thought, ‘Aha — that figures!’

About 10 years ago in Wellington I was referred to you with some ghastly PC problem to sort out — by phone. Over two or three calls you calmly untangled the knot, and obviously had all the complex steps in your head. I remember telling you you were a genius!

Anyway, congratulations on making your lucid tips available to all. I am an editor and know how rare it is to find such faultless technical writing.

Training and speaking

Rob Braddock, Greater Wellington Regional Council:

Miraz was key in helping Greater Wellington roll out a new web-based system involving the training of many external users. I found her to be very good at filling in the gaps for us, and knowing exactly which questions to ask. Her understanding of the system in a very short space of time and awareness of what would be important to the users meant that the training flowed very well. She was also very punctual and prepared for each session, and good fun to work with.

Wellington ICT / Workshop Evaluation Summary: First, Fast, Effective Text: writing for Web Readers, Tuesday 25 May 2010, Wellington, New Zealand:

Miraz has been our highest rated speaker to date. 60% of respondents rated her presentation excellent and 40% pretty good. Comments:

  • very easy to understand (especially for a person like me — non-English native speaker).
  • positive and supportive and coping with people who were not as focused as they should be. Knowledgeable.
  • remained calm during initial set-up problems. Maintained good control.
  • kept my interest throughout
  • easy to understand/knowledgeable
  • Very good media tools used. Very relevant, funny.
  • Clear well-paced delivery. Helpful, good rapport with class members.
  • Clear, concise and democratic!


Mary Brettell, MaryB Design, Brisbane, Australia:

Miraz’s experience, patience and instructional abilities — with her excellent communication skills to impart her knowledge to this rather emotional student – are now starting to pay off. She efficiently explains the subject without adding to my confusion; she has an excellent grasp of the subject matter, and gives me the individualised attention I need.

I have now gone from utter frustration to increasing confidence — all thanks to Miraz’s tutoring.

Pat, Napier, New Zealand:

Miraz’s help via Skype was invaluable, I would never have managed to get the site working correctly without her guidance.

Jacquelyn Berl, Fine Artist:

Miraz Jordan saved the day when I recently lost my blog while upgrading and attempting to make changes to a WordPress template. She was able to translate my questions into the correct terms and direct me to where I needed to go.

Being in two opposite time zones was not a problem as she provided me with daily support in email.

In addition to keeping me on task, she gave me baby steps to accomplish for each day, such as ftp software instructions one day, backing up the blogging software the next day, downloading the new software, detailing the order which to upload to the server.

Within days I was able to see progress on the recovery of my badly needed site.

Artists rely on blogs during this uncertain economy — each day down results in a loss of ranking among other art sites and a loss of contact with important viewers and collectors. During my time working with Miraz she taught me the steps necessary to back up and retrieve my blog should this happen again.

I am very happy with her work and most definitely recommend her for any business, regardless of the size of company or the size of the job.


Janne Land, Dealer and consultant in contemporary New Zealand art (now retired):

I have been very happy with Miraz’s website work and her speedy response to my frequent requests when exhibitions have changed or new works have arrived in stock.

The only comments about the web-site have been favourable, notably about how easy it was for clients to use.

The site resulted in increased sales of art works and also enabled my clients to view exhibitions when they couldn’t visit the gallery.

I have appreciated Miraz’s work ethic. It has been a great pleasure to work with her.

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