• Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. At the end of January 2013 we bought a small property up at the beach on the Kapiti … [Read more…]

    The cabin in the dunes
  • A friend asked me: So how far would you have gone in one million steps? Her question came after I mentioned that Breeze app … [Read more…]

    I didn’t really walk from Wellington to Cape Reinga
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    Build relationships with authentic blogging
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    5 text tips to help your website win more business
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    In love in space
  • Recently on a whim I bought a couple of Magicsticks by Powerocks. I kept one for myself and gave one to my partner. The … [Read more…]

    Recharging your iPhone is simple with Magicstick
  • Recently I was casting round for something to watch and recalled that Sailor Moon had lots of episodes, was something I'd … [Read more…]

    The unexpected delights of Anime
  • Note: unfortunately these are the last Tech Universe columns, as the Herald Online has decided to restructure its Tech pages. … [Read more…]

    04 to 08 August 2014 Tech Universe Digest (final digest)
  • My own link with the First World War is very tenuous: my parents, both now dead, were born in 1917 and 1918, only a short … [Read more…]

    100 guns take us back 100 years
  • Tech Universe: Monday 28 July 2014 The PD-100 Black Hornet is a tiny helicopter - so tiny, in fact that it fits in the palm … [Read more…]

    28 July to 01 August 2014 Tech Universe Digest

Real Life


The cabin in the dunes

We rented a tiny cabin to stay in while our holiday bach was being built. The cabin was perfect for our needs.

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Recharging your iPhone is simple with Magicstick

The Magicstick iPhone and Kindle charger by Powerocks is an extremely handy gadget to keep in your bag. It weighs only a few grams, is reasonable inexpensive and can recharge your iPhone twice before it has to be recharged itself.

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Science and Tech

Scene from Borrowed Light

Put the light back where it belongs

Natural wonders, and petty theft on a grand scale — a delightful video shows us something we need to know.

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The unexpected delights of Anime


Desperately looking for TV shows that feature strong females playing leading roles in the world? Give Anime a try — I’ve found 3 shows (so far) that I find are very worth my time.

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04 to 08 August 2014 Tech Universe Digest (final digest)


Shared Power; The Flush That Burns; Hands Make Work For The Idle; Get The Drop On Drugs; Pill Post; Easy As One Two; Sticky Solution; A Voice Like Yours; Heart In Hand; Cutting Edge; This Is Not A Drill; A Cheap Look; Awake At The Wheel; Wheels Of Fun; Wheels Up; Cup In Hand; A Separate Answer; The Wheel Of Trash; Sensible Triggers; On The Cards; Walk This Way.

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100 guns take us back 100 years


Ten 105mm Howitzer guns fired 100 rounds in Wellington, New Zealand to mark the 100th anniversary of New Zealand joining the First World War.

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28 July to 01 August 2014 Tech Universe Digest


Clear Thinking; Take The Plunge; Something In The Air; The Body In Print; Target Acquired. Food For Energy; Feast Or Farming; Breathe Easy; Bike With A Push; Flawed Findings. Hot Snaps; Sensitive Seats; Printers In Space; Just Looking; Growing Plastic. The Best Thing Since Fresh Bread; In The Blood; Phoning In The Rain; No Hiding Place; Sunny Hopes. Money Down The Drain; Looking Good; A Tot Stop; Uphill Special; Slot Cars.

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21 to 25 July 2014 Tech Universe Digest


Zinging Along; Life In A Box; Smelly Peril; Yellow Peril; Roll Up, Roll Up. Wrist Easy; Stick With A Buddy; Looks Good On Paper; Rough And Ready; Shaky Design. A Turn Of The Hand; Meta Metal; Flights Of Fans; The Sounds Of Science; Beyond Your Grasp. Blow Up The Light; Pumped Up; Driving Forward; Sit, Don’t Stay; A New Spin. Drinks And Dips; Pick And Print; Seeing Eye Jet; Compound Eyes; Mars In Sight.

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14 to 18 July 2014 Tech Universe Digest


Cook With Flare; Fish Eye View; No Charge; A Bit Dotty; Cracked. The Eyes Show It; White On White; The Other Half; Get Out The Lead Suit; Hit No Miss. Grill Or Fill?; Quick Chip; Where To?; Strong Black; Booting Up. Folded Freedom; Fast And Curious; Fast And Porous; Jump Start; Odd Ball. It’s A Bot!; Waving; Wind Bags; Pew Pew; Face The Wall.

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