• I never knew Dad's dad: he died before I was born. Like his father, he was a printer by trade, but developed cataracts and … [Read more…]

    TheNext40 — a great motivator
  • Years ago I bought a simple second-hand bookcase I liked the shape of. At some point I decided it was a bit tatty and thought … [Read more…]

    A cheap bookcase refreshed
  • As Christmas draws near Wellington empties out as all the university students go elsewhere, parents take their school age … [Read more…]

    Wellington in the red
  • This month has been an experiment for me. For a long time this blog was consumed by my Tech Universe columns and I seldom … [Read more…]

    No novels round here, but a daily blog
  • I've been reading a bit lately — still mystery novels mainly. They are also mainly by UK or US authors — see … [Read more…]

    A Melbourne mystery
  • One year, when I was very much younger and still lived with my parents, I had a thoroughly miserable Christmas Day. I didn't … [Read more…]

    The yellow fuzz
  • Next year I'll be walking part of the Camino de Santiago. See A long walk needs a bit of a training plan for more on that. … [Read more…]

    A glitch in time is mine
  • Most of my photos aren't anything special, but occasionally I take one I really like. After looking online for coasters and … [Read more…]

    Saved by the felt
  • Between our bach and the beach are two tiny lakes which always have interesting wildlife in them. A pair of black swans raise … [Read more…]

    The singing of the frogs
  • The previous owner of our coastal property added assorted plants to the probably self-seeded lupins and bracken. There are … [Read more…]

    Spears at the ready, it’s flax time

Real Life

Mum and me, 1955ish.

TheNext40 — a great motivator

Rather than a major birthday marking the end of something, for me it’s marked the start. I’ve made myself a hashtag which is proving quite motivational.

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Recharging your iPhone is simple with Magicstick

The Magicstick iPhone and Kindle charger by Powerocks is an extremely handy gadget to keep in your bag. It weighs only a few grams, is reasonable inexpensive and can recharge your iPhone twice before it has to be recharged itself.

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Science and Tech


A better Barbie book

A book published in 2013 reveals terrible attitudes about women in computing. Luckily, the Internet put it right.

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A glitch in time is mine


Timezone metadata can be a headache.

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Saved by the felt


The photo coasters I ordered were good, but their hardboard backing made them seem cheap. Then I found myself doing handcraft with green felt!

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The singing of the frogs


Lakes and frogs and birds and cows: it’s a rich landscape by the beach.

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Spears at the ready, it’s flax time


It’s time for the flax spears to appear. I just hope the tui will follow.

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Just when did oranges lose their pips?


I’m sure when I was young oranges had (annoying) pips. Now they never have them. When was it they disappeared?

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Wind, wind and more wind


Spring in Wellington brings us horrible weather. Let’s get on to summer already!

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