• Earlier this year I simplified my online life: I unsubscribed from almost every mailing list I was on, unfollowed a swag of … [Read more…]

    It’s simple really
  • Who isn't forever on a quest to save some iPhone battery power? One strategy is to keep a Magicstick on hand so you can … [Read more…]

    Make your iPhone battery last longer
  • Ada Lovelace's mum guided Ada from an early age into mathematics and science, partly as a way to keep her away from … [Read more…]

    The Enchantress of Numbers, Ada Lovelace
  • One of my clients runs an online forum to which people can subscribe. While the process of accepting payment and registering … [Read more…]

    So many clicks have become just one with Keyboard Maestro
  • Phishing emails are designed to trick you into giving away information such as login details. They claim to come from Apple, … [Read more…]

    Is that email phishing? How to check in Gmail
  • On the surface it's such a simple statement: I want to keep good backups. Unfortunately, the moment you delve into what that … [Read more…]

    Backing Up Your Mac — book review
  • Later this year we're travelling to Spain so we're learning a bit of Spanish. I learned some Spanish decades ago, and while I … [Read more…]

    My Mac speaks Spanish perfectly, hooray!
  • The beach was empty today: no shells, no bits of driftwood, no bluebottles, no people. It was a vast expanse of bare sand and … [Read more…]

    A fur seal surprise
  • Since I plan to live to 100 I want to make sure I make good use of my time. I already have a motivational hashtag: TheNext40, … [Read more…]

    How many days are left?
  • Yesterday I spent about an hour sitting in a car on Aitken Street in Thorndon, Wellington, while waiting for someone who … [Read more…]

    A slight brush with the law

Real Life

It’s simple really

Simplicity is my most driving value, though it took a while before that came clear to me.

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Recharging your iPhone is simple with Magicstick

The Magicstick iPhone and Kindle charger by Powerocks is an extremely handy gadget to keep in your bag. It weighs only a few grams, is reasonable inexpensive and can recharge your iPhone twice before it has to be recharged itself.

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Science and Tech

A better Barbie book

A book published in 2013 reveals terrible attitudes about women in computing. Luckily, the Internet put it right.

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My Mac speaks Spanish perfectly, hooray!


A simple tweak made my Mac read me Spanish language text with perfect Spanish pronunciation.

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A fur seal surprise

Fur seal relaxing on driftwood.

The dogs and I were surprised today when we came upon a fur seal hidden in the crook of a driftwood log on an otherwise empty beach.

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How many days are left?


I wanted to keep track of how many days there are left until a date I chose. Here’s how I used Keyboard Maestro to do it.

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A slight brush with the law


Taking photos in a public place earned me a brief chat with a police officer.

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Set and forget: the iPad Restrictions PIN


After much hair pulling I was able to retrieve my iPad’s Restrictions PIN: a code I’d set and promptly forgotten.

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TheNext40 — a great motivator

Mum and me, 1955ish.

Rather than a major birthday marking the end of something, for me it’s marked the start. I’ve made myself a hashtag which is proving quite motivational.

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