Living, with wolves


Every living thing plays a part in keeping our world alive, as these two brief videos highlight.

How to use binoculars and telescopes correctly


Maybe you think, as I did, that all you have to do
to look through binoculars or a telescope is to put your eye to the
eyepiece. These practical tips may open up a whole new view.

Star light comet bright


An early morning visit to the top of Mt Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand let me enjoy the spectacle of Comet Lovejoy.

From minute to monster, which binoculars are just right?


I’ve progressed in binocular ownership from a tiny ‘daypack’ pair to a truly monster set. Read on to find out how they all shape up.

5 favourite fun and useful iPad apps


I’m using my iPad for Twitter, looking at the stars, ambient sounds, playing a space trader game and reading things.

Listening to stars down under


How many radio telescopes fit into a square kilometre? A whole lot. And some may come to New Zealand.